Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Side Effects of Spaying a Dog

There are side effects of spaying a dog. For your dog's health and longevity, here's what you should know to avoid any immediate complications or problems later in life.

It has become popular to alter both dogs and cats at a very young age, especially when adopting a young pup through the pound or a rescue organization. The purpose of course is to be sure the procedure does not get put off since there are over five million homeless pets euthanized each year.


The long term side effects of spaying a dog at a very young age have to do with loss of hormones.
Hormones are not just used for reproduction. Every function in the body is affected by these chemical messengers. Aside from growth and development, they are needed for the absorption of nutrients, energy metabolism, water and electrolyte balance, and responses to stress and injury.

By waiting until a dog is 8 - 12 months old, providing you can keep her safely confined during her first heat, she is less likely to have long term side effects, such as female urinary incontinence.

Female dog incontinence is usually caused by the estrogen deficiency brought on by spaying. This condition is treated by giving estrogen whose side effects include irritability, tremors, rapid heart rate, cardiac arrhythmia and urine retention. This can be avoided by using the homeopathic form of estrogen which has no side effects.

When a female dog is spayed, she may be more likely to have an adverse reaction to vaccines. This includes allergic reactions, cardiac arrest, hives, cardiovascular shock and sudden death. Any dog getting a vaccination should be given the homeopathic remedy THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 30c to avoid any vaccine side effects.

Incidentally, neither spaying or neutering dogs should be done at the same time as vaccinations. I know this is a common practice, but your dog's immune system is going to be stressed from having a disease injected into the body. Again, always use the homeopathic detoxification remedy THUJA OCCIDENTALIS 30c after a vaccination to avoid side effects and wait 3 weeks before any surgery.

None of this is written to scare you. I just want you to be aware so you can make the best choices for your dog. After all, not spaying your dog increases her risk of mammary cancer. The point is, choose your dog foods and medicines with thought, and enjoy life with your wonderful dog.

Side Effects of Spaying a Dog

About the Author:

Andrea Partee, after the near death of her dog from a "safe" over-the-counter medication vowed to herself and her three sick dogs to create a website named after them, to educate pet owners who love their dogs enough to learn the truth about what's good and bad for their canine companions. Dedicated to real dog health, you can learn more about vaccinations at Three-Little-Pitties.com/Dog Vaccinations.


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